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Special Olympics Hong Kong-香港特殊奧運會






Choi Yuk had a fever when she was two years old. At first, the family did not pay much attention to her after recovery but then discovered she walked slower than other children. They thought it was because of her physical weakness. Yet, her condition got worse and was then admitted to the hospital. After staying in the hospital for over a week, causes to Hoi Yuk’s condition were still unknown. She had received different therapies after being discharged from the hospital but no progress was resulted. No sooner an intelligence quotient test was taken then the family found that Choi Yuk’s cerebellum was damaged by that fever. This not only affected her mobility coordination, but also her intelligence. Thus, she had to go to special school.

Choi Yuk started her colorful life in the special school. Apart from living skills, she also had the chance to join various activities and sports, such as singing, dancing, swimming and running. Finally, Choi Yuk even became our athletic team member through school selection. “Maybe she knows she walks unstably and envies the others can walk swiftly so she is particularly fond of running!”said Mrs. TSE.

Since entering the athletic team, Choi Yuk’s joint was improved and so was her walking posture. Changes can also be found in her character like she had changed from quiet into a cheerful and outgoing girl. Being part of the team for a few years, Choi Yuk is experienced in competing overseas and had been to Korea and Macau for competitions respectively. Although this is the first time for her to go to the World Games, she is still full of confidence and will strive for the best results.

Choi Yuk was afraid of overcoming the hurdle in front of her when receiving training at the initial stage. However, with the encouragement from coach and Mrs. TSE, she set out her first step successfully. This fully illustrates that apart from overcoming one’s psychological barrier, the support from family and friends also serves as an important factor to overcome obstacles ahead.