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Special Olympics Hong Kong-香港特殊奧運會

  看到別的父母,和自己一樣,有一個智障兒的傷痛、徬徨、辛酸,只有我們家長才可以理解。但同時有兩個智障兒子的父母,有多少家長及社會人士能理解當中的痛 。









I believe only parents having children with intellectual disability (ID) like me can understand the pain and hardness of other parents. However, I bet not many parents and the public can understand the pain of those who have two ID children.

My elder son was diagnosed with Autism when he was two. That painful memory is still in my mind after 12 years. When the doctor told me my younger son was also with Autism 10 years ago, I could only think of “God! Why me!”. Painful was the only word that could describe the feeling of me and my husband.

Today, my answer is “it is a blessing to me!” because I have learnt love, tolerance, acceptance and patience from them. Most importantly, I and my husband will stand by each other to overcome the ups and downs that lie in the future.

Now, my boys are 12 and 15-year-old teenagers. I am happy to see that they are cheerful, energetic, healthy and sympathetic. Nevertheless, I find difficulties in helping them to find schools. I had thought of giving up but considering it makes no help to the children, I rather accept the challenges positively. I have learnt to leave comparison behind and satisfied with the little progress my boys had achieved at the new challenges we meet every day. My requirement towards them is different from the able bodied child. Our lifetime goal is to ensure they can take care of themselves and live happily and healthily. Most importantly, they can be accepted by the community and live with dignity.

Unlike other families, study is not the priority for my children. We have tried hard all these years in search of activities and hobbies for them to enhance physical fitness or to spend their spare time. Luckily, our work does not come in vain. They have found their passion in sports like ice skating, swimming, equestrian and trampoline.

My focus of life was on my boys until two and a half years ago when they took part in the Athletic Meets organized by HKSO. I saw hardworking and happy athletes, cheering parents and staff, and enthusiastic volunteers. Everywhere was full of sweat, but filled with smiles and friendship. After the Athletic Meets, I spend part of the time to do voluntary work. My sons also took part in international competitions. They got a gold medal in the 2004 Special Olympics Winter Games held in Japan and 2 gold medals in the 2005 Special Olympics World Winter Games in Nagano, Japan. Not only the gold medals, I also appreciate the change of my children. They become confident through active participation in training, which is more valuable than getting medals. It is amazing to see our children receiving respect instead of strange sight. I also met lots of families on the field.

Life in the future may not be easy to my sons but I hope they can overcome all the difficulties with confidence and dignity by adopting the spirit of Special Olympics “Let me win. If I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt” in their daily life.

- Written by Mrs. Henrietta SIU in 2005